Collaboration Opportunities

IST Austria is a basic research institution, and as such, the direction of our research is determined by our scientists. We realize that the path of innovation is not a one way road and offer various opportunities for industry and academic researchers to exchange views and cooperate.

Collaboration between IST Austria and its environment is built on the following pillars:

  • Open information on our research: Companies interested in our research can enquire at the individual research groups or visit regular talks and seminars.
  • Joint Projects: We support joint research work and are flexible to determine suitable structures, ranging from sponsored students or post docs to participating in research consortia to establishing JV companies.
  • People Exchange: If appropriate, corporate researchers can be seconded to an IST Austria research group on a temporary basis. Conversely, we also facilitate internship opportunities for IST Austria students or Post docs with interested companies.
  • TWIST Fellowship Program: IST Austria has introduced a fellowship program to support scientists in commercialization projects. Under certain conditions these fellowship programs can be funded by industry. Please see a list of our current projects.
  • Use of Infrastructure: subject to availability, IST Austria’s research infrastructure can be accessed by external parties.
  • Grants: research-driven innovation projects are eligible for various types of public funding. We are open to contribute to project proposals and enter as a consortial partner into projects partly or fully funded by public grants.

Interested in setting up a cooperation with IST Austria? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.